UP NISMED Trains Teachers of SDO Angeles City on Integrating Digital Stories and Apps in Teaching Science and Mathematics

The University of the Philippines National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development (UP NISMED), conducted a training focused on integrating digital stories and apps in teaching science and mathematics in the K to 3 levels. The training took place at the Gabaldon Building in DepEd Angeles City, following the turnover ceremony of fifty-six tablets pre-loaded with digital science and mathematics stories and apps, which was funded by The People of Japan through UNICEF Philippines.

Commencing the training, Dr. Monalisa T. Sasing, the Deputy Director for Research and Extension of UP NISMED, provided an overview of the project and its goals, also emphasizing its commitment to inclusivity for learners with visual impairments. Dr. Sasing further showcased several digital stories and apps that were curated, along with four original science and mathematics stories developed by UP NISMED in accessible media, and written in three languages namely, English, Filipino, and Kapampangan.

Following this, UP NISMED’s UNICEF Project Digitization Team, composed of Mr. Renz G. Salas, Mr. Ralph Ian M. Robles, and Ms. Monique Anne B. Tizon, discussed the importance of storytelling, demonstrated how to navigate the digital book reader, and shared procedures for configuring devices to ensure accessibility for learners with visual impairments, respectively.

Mr. Renz G. Salas discusses the importance of storytelling.

The afternoon session of the training provided teachers with an overview of the principles of using stories in teaching science and mathematics which was discussed by Ms. Ronia Melecia R. Mosaso. Ms. Mosaso also presented the original story she wrote and how to use it in teaching young learners about identifying animal body parts. Subsequently, Dr. Aida I. Yap also presented another UP NISMED-developed story related to elementary mathematics. Extending her presentation, Dr. Yap suggested teaching strategies utilizing the story for developing pattern recognition among learners.

One of the participants reads the story which Dr. Aida I. Yap used in her session.

In addition, Ms. Edna G. Callanta discussed the principles of using apps in teaching. She also shared an app, which UP NISMED developed for DOST-SEI, and discussed how it can be used to teach young learners in identifying patterns. The training concluded with the sharing of Ms. Loise Angelica G. Oruga’s curated app, where Ms. Oruga discussed how the app can be used to cultivate healthy eating habits among young learners. 

Mr. Ralph Ian M. Robles and Ms. Monique Anne B. Tizon assisted the participants while using the stories in the tablets. 

In the forthcoming days, more digital science and mathematics stories, in accessible media, and apps for young learners will be uploaded on the UNICEF-donated tablets at SDO Angeles City.