UP NISMED Holds Strategic Planning Workshop

UP NISMED held a two-day strategic planning workshop on 20-21 May 2024 to review its 2020-2024 strategic plan and set new goals for 2025-2029.

The workshop started with the presentation of Dr. Sheryl Lyn C. Monterola, UP NISMED Director, of the Institute's achievements over the past five years. Dr. Monterola also discussed the trends and best practices in local and international STEM education.

Dr. Sheryl Lyn C. Monterola highlighting the achievements of UP NISMED over the past five years.

Prior to the start of the workshop, Mr. Alfred O. Dicto of the Lead to Serve Project Management Program and the Association of Foundations discussed the importance of strategic planning. In his discussion, Mr. Dicto highlighted the importance of setting realistic goals, strategic objectives, and key performance indicators (KPIs) aligned with the Institute's vision, mission, and core values.

In the afternoon, the staff were divided into groups to define the goals, objectives, strategies, and KPIs for their assigned programmatic and operational goals of the Institute. 

The groups then finalized their plans and presented them for collaborative feedback. Each group revised the goals, strategic initiatives, and KPIs of their assigned goals to incorporate the feedback during the sharing.

The Staff Welfare and Development working group discussing the strategic initiatives to  promote wellness and learning and development among staff.

UP NISMED staff during the closing of the strategic planning workshop with Mr. Alfred O. Dicto (second row, eighth from right) and Dr. Sheryl Lyn C. Monterola, UP NISMED Director (second row, ninth from right).

The strategic planning continued during the Annual Assessment and Review of Programs on 23-24 May 2024. During the Annual Assessment and Review of Programs, each group identified the learning and development needs as well as the resources needed to carry out the strategic initiatives set for each goal.