Study on Students’ Readiness to Learn College Chemistry Presented in ESERA 2021

Dr. Dennis Danipog presents the results of the study during the ESERA 2021 Online Conference.
Highlights of the results of the research project on students’ readiness to learn college chemistry was presented at the European Science Education Research Association (ESERA) 2021 Online Conference on 31 August 2021. In his paper titled “Assessing Students’ Readiness to Learn College Chemistry”, Dr. Dennis Danipog presented the assessment of senior high school (SHS) students’ conceptual understanding of concepts and skills necessary for general college chemistry course which determined their readiness to learn college chemistry. Specifically, he presented the readiness to general college chemistry of SHS students who went through the enhanced science curriculum, especially those who chose to be in the STEM strand. Dr. Danipog explained the result of the Rasch modeling, which determined the levels of progression using the student ability and item difficulty estimates generated from the analysis. This described the readiness of students to college chemistry. The results of the study could inform future curriculum design for K to 12 science as well as for general college chemistry.

This one-year research project was funded by the UP Diliman Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD) through its Outright Research Grant Scheme. Dr. Danipog, current chair of the NISMED High School Chemistry (HSC) Group, led the implementation of this project in collaboration with Dr. Marlene Ferido (former Chair of the HSC group and retired NISMED staff)), Prof. Rachel Patricia Ramirez (UPIS faculty), Ms. Maria Michelle Junio (HSC Chemistry staff), and Mr. Joel Ballesteros (former NISMED staff).

Dr. Danipog received the ESERA 2021 Conference Scholarship (Fellowship Program) for his participation in this online conference which covered the registration fee. The ESERA 2021 online conference was organized by the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal.

- D. Danipog