A tribute to Ms. Arlene P. de la Cruz’ 26 years in service at UP NISMED

Ms. Arlene P. de la Cruz

Ms. Arlene P. de la Cruz officially retired from UP NISMED on 5 February 2021 after serving the institute for 26 years. Ms. Arlene initially served UP NISMED as a Science Education Associate under the High School Chemistry Group and eventually transferred to the Elementary School Science Group where she served as the Chair from 2018 to 2020 as a Science Education Specialist. In both groups, she has been involved in various activities such as teacher training, curriculum development, and research. She was also active in international conference presentations of her topics of interest in lesson study and teaching chemistry in elementary and high school science.

Aside from serving UP NISMED, she was also active in the pursuit of Research, Extension, and Professional Staff (REPS) welfare, productivity, rights, and privileges where she oftentimes served as the voice of the NISMED staff on these matters as well as being part of the Academic Personnel Committee of various research, and extension units of the university. Moreover, she was also active in the All UP Academic Employees Union (AUPEU), advocating equal rights for all UP constituents. 

Ms. Arlene is oftentimes addressed as “George” by NISMED staff, which according to her means friend. This symbolizes her knitted ties to all staff as she exudes happy mood and approachability.

- S. Gutierez