Grade 9 Self-Learning Module on Ionic and Covalent Bonding now available online for free

UP NISMED is pleased to publish another self-learning module as a response to the need for online educational resources in this time of pandemic. The Self-Learning Module in Science (Matter Domain): Ionic and Covalent Bonding was developed for Grade 9 (G9) students, especially those who study at home.

Just like the recently published self-learning module for senior high school students, this module is based on the Enhanced K to 12 Science Curriculum of the Department of Education. The focus concepts, ionic and covalent bonds, were presented showing how these are connected to some concepts the students have learned in previous grade levels. Further, the concepts are explained through an inquiry approach.

Designed primarily for students to carry out this module by themselves, the module includes a student guide consisting of key parts with corresponding icons and descriptions, and their suggested time allotments. To sustain the interest of the students, this module is filled with appropriate colorful graphics laid out unconventionally. Further, the module is written in a conversational tone. It hopes to make the students feel engaged as the text seems to talk to them directly. To add to that feel, teacher-guides in the form of caricatures appear via pop out messages every now and then. These prompt the students to extend their knowledge, answer thought-provoking questions, try out other activities and to be careful of possible misconceptions. They tell the students where they are and encourage them to finish the module.

This self-learning module may be accessed for free upon registration via this link,

Please watch out for the announcement on the availability of the supplementary videos for the Self-Learning Module in Chemistry: Molecular Polarity, and Self-Learning Module in Science (Matter Domain): Ionic and Covalent Bonding. Follow us on our website at

- J. Gutierrez