Salute to Lydia on Her Retirement Day!

After serving NISMED for almost three decades as part of the High School Mathematics (HSM) workgroup, Ms. Lydia M. Landrito gracefully retired on 1 August 2019. A licensed chemical engineer, she applied her keen eye for system efficiency and protocols in all aspects of her work.

For a total of 10 years, Ms. Landrito chaired the High School Mathematics Group. She coordinated various mathematics curriculum development activities as well as professional development projects of the Institute for local and international mathematics teachers and educators. Her name is in almost all the NISMED’s published curriculum materials as writer.

Ms. Lydia in action: comprehensively going through
her notes and feedback on the teacher-trainees’ outputs

Ms. Landrito is a no-nonsense person but with a caring heart for her co-workers and employees. Her work ethic is beyond reproach. She has patience for mentoring new staff. She is an excellent critic and reviewer of curriculum resources and training modules. Always reliable, she would choose to stress herself over finishing the task way before the output is due. With these qualities, she was also able to serve as conference chair when the Institute conducted an international conference on its 50th anniversary.

While she could put the Kardashians to shame when it comes to fashion, she has an aversion to parties. She preferred to celebrate her retirement day in the simplest way possible, sans the accolades, the spotlight, and the praises. But still, a close colleague of hers would like to send this message to her, 
To our dear Lydia, we tip our hat and bow in honor of you. You are loved and appreciated. Accept our wishes of good fortune and great health so you can enjoy your retirement years which you absolutely deserve.
Without a doubt, everyone in NISMED shares the same sentiment. Her contributions to NISMED and to many other mathematics education stakeholders, her love and kindness are beyond measure.

- H. Rosete