Lesson Study for Science Teachers of PAREF Southridge School

The NISMED staff with the PAREF Southridge School Science teachers

The PAREF Southridge School sponsored a seminar-workshop on lesson study for 17 science teachers of their school. The seminar-workshop was conducted by NISMED on 4-5 November 2019 at PAREF Southridge School in Muntinlupa City. 

The seminar-workshop was designed to familiarize the science teachers with lesson study features and processes and enable them to develop and implement a research lesson. The seminar-workshop is only the first phase of the project. The second phase will involve implementation of the research lesson to actual students in February 2020 by three lesson study teams. The training team was composed of six science education specialists of NISMED. Mr. Eligio C. Obille gave the lecture on lesson study and its processes, Ms. May R. Chavez and Mr. Rolando M. Tan facilitated the workshop in planning a research lesson, and Ms. Deborah Anne O. Lumantas, Ms. Maria Michelle V. Junio, and Ms. Princes Raymunda G. Gatan served as documenters of the seminar-workshop. 

During the seminar-workshop, the teachers experienced the four phases in the conduct of lesson study. In the study and plan phase, the teachers work collaboratively to develop their research lesson plan. In the implementation phase, one of the member of the lesson study group, taught the topic with their co-teachers acting as students. Lastly, in the reflection phase, they share their observations, comments and suggestion to further improve their research lesson. 

When asked on the three things they learned from the seminar-workshop, most of the teachers’ responses were on the lesson study process and the importance of collaboration. With regards to factors and conditions that would support the implementation of the lesson study in their school, they want more time and resources for lesson study.

 by M. Chavez