UP NISMED congratulates Dr. Sally Gutierez as an international Ph.D. graduate

NISMED welcomed back Dr. Sally B. Gutierez, who was conferred a Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education (Biology) on 29 August 2019 by Seoul National University (SNU). Her dissertation is titled Thematic analysis on the teachers’ dialogic scaffolding practices for students’ expressions of argumentative agency. In this study, she proposes the use of minds-on inquiry in basic biology classrooms in the form of argumentation, provided that teachers are willing to do instructional framing towards classroom argumentation and execute dialogic scaffolding practices. 

Dr. Gutierez started her doctoral studies in September 2016, joining the Biology Teaching and Learning Laboratory of the College of Education in Seoul National University. Her research productivity at the university is evidenced by several publications in SSCI-listed journals: 1) “Building a classroom-based professional learning community through lesson study: Insights from elementary school science teachers” in the journal Professional Development in Education; 2) “Peer coaching in a research-based teachers’ professional learning method for lifelong learning: A perspective” published in Alberta Journal of Educational Research; 3) “Experimental science: Joseph Priestley’s influence in the infrastructure of the seventeenth-century science education” published in the Educational Philosophy and Theory journal.

During her postgraduate studies in SNU, Dr. Gutierez was chosen by the Seoul National University-Office of the International Affairs (SNU-OIS) to be an Executive Officer of the Seoul National University International Students’ Association (SNU SISA). In recognition of her leadership skills and work as a graduate researcher, she was awarded the 2017 Global Women Leaders Fellowship by the SNU Women Faculty Council and by the Brain Korea Plus Outstanding Graduate Researcher of Seoul National University, respectively.

Dr. Sally B. Gutierez, your UP NISMED family is pleased to welcome you back!