In-House Seminar on Data Science in Education

Ms. Maria Theresa Capule-Navarro, member of NISMED’s Elementary School Mathematics group gave an in-house seminar on data science in education last 15 October 2019. Data Science is an interdisciplinary field concerned with the study of processes and systems needed to extract knowledge and insights from big data.

In the seminar, Ms. Capule-Navarro stressed that with changes in future demands, there is a need to prepare our current students in a sustainable way. She shared that this can be done by first developing a data-driven culture among educators. She also mentioned that the use of educational data mining and learning analytics could possibly be explored to make relevant and data-driven decisions. To illustrate, she presented a visual data analysis of the school electrification and 2015 NAT performance here she showed the difference of NAT scores between schools with and those without electricity and internet. This analysis is part of a research work she is working with Dr. Erwin Alampay of the National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG). She also showed a visualization of the distribution of competencies of the Philippine K-12 math curriculum and compared it with that of the US curriculum competencies as sample of what data science can do in educational research. The samples generated discussion among the academic staff of NISMED.

Ms. Capule-Navarro is a recipient of the data science scholarship program of For The Women Foundation which she took for 14 Saturdays from May to August 2019.

by - S. R. Matala