UP NISMED-MakSci Collaboration Kicks Off

Participants collaboratively formulate research questions, design project objectives, activities,
timelines, assessments, and ways of guiding student learning during project work.

UP NISMED’s project collaboration with Makati Science High School – A Project for Driving Professional Excellence through School-based and Technology-enabled Collaboration and Coaching at the Makati Science High School – kicks off with a four-day training held at the Makati Science High School Library on 24, 27-29 May 2019. Twenty-six teachers and department heads from all subject areas at both junior and senior high levels participated in the training.

This training – Training Program on Designing Project-Based Learning through Lesson Study – was facilitated by Celia R. Balbin, Michael Anthony B. Mantala , John Alex M. Reyroso, and Ma. Dulcelina O. Sebastian. The sessions centered on project-based learning basics, project design process, curriculum-framing questions, assessment strategies for projects, and the collaborative development of research project plans. At the end of the training, following the Lesson Study process, 10 multidisciplinary project plans were developed, five of which were presented during a showcasing activity.

The aims of the project were to: a) assist the teachers of Makati Science High School in designing research project plans; b) introduce lesson study to Makati Science High School as a school-based strategy for achieving professional development; and c) leverage an online community platform to support collaboration, coaching, and reflection. The project, which will run until February 2020, has two post-training components: provision of support for the research project plan implementation and conduct of face-to-face and online coaching.

by D. Sebastian