Bangladeshi Science Teachers Visit NISMED

The Ministry of Education of Bangladesh is in the process of carrying out its National Education Policy. In line with this, Bangladeshi science teachers have been undergoing training at the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Center for Educational Innovation and Technology (SEAMEO INNOTECH) here in the Philippines. The training program includes visits to schools and institutions such as the National Institute of Science and Mathematics for Education Development (NISMED).

Four batches of Bangladeshi teachers have visited NISMED on August 16, August 31, October 5, and December 7, 2018. Director Aida I. Yap led the NISMED team in welcoming the Bangladeshi guests. In one of the visits, the group was headed by Md. Abdullah Al Mamun, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Education of Bangladesh.

During the visits, the Bangladeshi science teachers were given an orientation on the various ways NISMED contributes to the betterment of science and mathematics education. In particular, the Bangladeshi teachers learned about the role of NISMED in developing the K to 12 science and mathematics curriculum, in advocating for lesson study as a professional development model, in engaging in research, and in maintaining a web presence where teaching and learning resources may be downloaded.

The Bangladeshi teachers also observed how NISMED staff conducted short lessons that were inquiry-based. Each lesson began with a scientific question. The teachers then performed an activity and formed an explanation based on what they observed. Despite the language barrier, the Bangladeshi teachers participated actively. Three workgroups were involved in the laboratory demonstrations: High School Chemistry, High School Biology, and High School arth Science.

After the classroom activity, the Bangladeshi science teachers were brought to the NISMED observatory which houses one of the country’s most powerful telescopes. The telescope is used in viewing night-sky objects during NISMED's stargazing sessions which are regularly held from January to March. The Bangladeshi science teachers also visited the NISMED bookstore where teaching and learning materials in science and mathematics could be purchased. Before noontime, the Bangladeshi teachers were brought back to SEAMEO INNOTECH to prepare for Jumu’ah or Friday prayer.

by Renz Salas