Lesson study research teams present in 2013 National Conference

Several teams of teachers, together with NISMED staff, doing lesson study across the country presented their papers during the National Conference in Science and Mathematics Education (NCSME 2013) on 22-24 October 2013 at the STTC Building, UP NISMED. Their papers were aligned to one of the objectives of the conference which was to promote lesson study as a professional development model to enhance the capability of teachers in implementing the K to 12 curriculum for mathematics and science. The conference served as a venue for the teachers to share their lesson study experiences. They also shared tha lesson study is one of their professional development activities which promote inquiry-based science and problem solving-based mathematics teaching. 

According to some teachers, the collaborative lesson planning inspired them to become lifelong learners, who create engaging and meaningful lessons. With immediate feedback from “knowledgeable others”, they become more reflective in the way they teach. According to Ms. Remedios Peralta-Danao of Batasan Hills National High School, Quezon City, “Through lesson study, I realized that I can be a professional who can initiate change not only in the classroom but in the larger community.” Ms. Leonida Quilingin of Upper Bicutan Elementary School further stressed that, “Teachers must continue on doing lesson study and to think not only on their own classes as they collaboratively plan and construct the research lessons.”