Indian educators visit NISMED

Mr. Anthony Guiller Urbano modelling an inquiry-based science activity for the Indian educators.

Sixteen Indian educators completed a five-day study visit and a workshop on science education concepts at UP NISMED from 9-13 November 2013. Most of them are secondary school science teachers and members of the Rayat Education Society in India.

In the first three days, the participants visited some of the country’s historical landmarks in the Intramuros area, and the National Museum. These places introduced them to Philippine history and Filipino culture. Aside from these places, they also toured UP Diliman Campus visiting research institutes like the DNA Laboratory of the Natural Science Research Institute (NSRI), the National Institute of Geological Sciences (NIGS) Museum where they saw different kinds of rocks, minerals, and fossils. They also visited some of the research facilities of the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI) like the Agricultural Research, Chemistry Research, and Irradiation Research facilities.

After the three-day visit to the various institutions, the Indian educators attended a two-day seminar-workshop on inquiry-based science teaching at NISMED. In this seminar-workshop, the participants performed inquiry-based science activities that can be used in teaching Biology (Field Biology), Chemistry (Atoms: Inside Out), Physics (Investigating Relationships among Current, Voltage and Resistance), and Earth and Environmental Science (Simulating Earthquakes and Understanding Typhoons).

At the end of the seminar-workshop, the Indian educators expressed appreciation for inquiry-based teaching as an engaging approach towards teaching science. They also observed that every session in the workshop was very innovative. One participant commented, “this was an amazing educational tour for us; the different teaching experience we got from this tour will definitely be applied in our school.”