Short-term courses on GeoGebra and laboratory techniques conducted

Bautista explains the idea behind the construction of derivative functions using Geogebra.

NISMED offered two short-term courses this summer of 2010. The High School Mathematics Group, in cooperation with the Information Science Group, conducted a seminar on Using GeoGebra in Teaching Mathematics on May 22, 29, and June 5, 2010, while the High School Chemistry Group conducted a seminar on Laboratory Techniques, Management, and Safety for chemistry teachers and laboratory technicians from May 25 to 27, 2010.

The GeoGebra course, which was attended by 11 teachers, focused on the basics of GeoGebra such as geometric drawing and construction, exploration of properties of geometric figures, use of algebraic input to construct graphs and other mathematical objects, use of sliders in investigating family of functions and geometric transformations, and construction of web-based applets. Participants were asked to conceptualize an activity, create a GeoGebra worksheet about it, and formulate guide questions for students to answer. The output activity was exported to HTML and was uploaded to a free web server.
On the other hand, the chemistry short-term course, which was attended by 18 participants, was designed to develop participants’ practical skills required for teaching high school chemistry. Correct laboratory techniques and safety management were also emphasized. In addition, the program focused on the use, operation and maintenance of basic chemistry equipment, proper laboratory management, and practical chemistry activities. During the sessions, the participants were engaged in various hands-on activities involving use of different laboratory equipment and associated safety practices, preparation of solutions, separation of mixtures, microchemistry laboratory techniques, improvisation of audiovisual materials.
The GeoGebra course was facilitated by Guillermo P. Bautista Jr. of the High School Mathematics Group and John Alex M. Reyroso of the Information Science Group. The Chemistry short-term course was facilitated by the staff of the High School Chemistry and Audiovisual Groups.