On-site seminar-workshop on Assessment held

The Elementary School Science a n d Mathematics Groups conducted a seminar-workshop for eighty (80) Science and Mathematics teachers from the districts of Carmona, Gen. Mariano Alvarez, Silang I, and Silang II in Cavite. Sponsored by Carmona mayor Atty. Roy Loyola, the program was held from April 28 to 30, 2010 at the San Lazaro Leisure and Business Park, Carmona, Cavite.
Mathematics participants compare capacity of cylinders.
In this program, the teachers were exposed to some assessment items that assess pupils’ understanding on selected science and mathematics concepts. Some responses of the pupils to these items were provided so that the teachers can anticipate pupils’ responses, be aware of the misconceptions they might possess, and gain insights on how they relate, reason, and communicate their ideas in science and mathematics. Possible activities to address pupils’ misconceptions and difficulties were provided by the NISMED facilitators.
Workshops were included in this program so that the teachers can experience collaboratively how to improve multiple choice and constructed-response items chosen from textbooks, division/district tests or classroom tests that they had made and administered to their pupils. The cognitive domains and thinking/process skills based on the Trends in Mathematics and Science Study 2007 (TIMSS 2007) as well as guidelines on how to construct multiple-choice and constructed-response items that measure higher-order thinking skills were discussed prior to the workshop proper. Each group took turns in presenting the items they developed for critiquing. The teachers experienced how to critique the items using the principles they learned in the earlier sessions. Clarifications were made as to the points/scores a given answer merits. Revisions were then made based on the comments and suggestions by the groups and NISMED facilitators. The revised items were finalized and submitted as their output for the seminar-workshop.