InfoSci Invigorates UP Cebu Faculty with Technology and Student-Centered Approaches

The InfoSci team composed of Celia Balbin, Mona Sasing and John Reyroso facilitated the Intel® Teach Getting Started and Skills for Success courses for faculty members of the University of the Philippines Visayas Cebu College at the college’s Interactive Learning Center in Lahug, Cebu City on May 25-30, 2009. Twelve faculty members from the Professional Education division, Natural Sciences and Mathematics division, and Department of Computer Science completed the six-day Master Trainers Training together with four faculty members from Cebu Normal University’s College of Education. Using word processing, electronic spreadsheet, and multimedia software, the participants created a variety of materials and tools meant to enhance their productivity and support student centered teaching practices. They also engaged in action planning and practice teaching to describe how they intend to apply the new technology skills and approaches in their own classrooms. Participants practiced how to be a “critical friend” to one another as they shared reflections and showcased their products. They discussed practices and role-played scenarios on effective facilitation strategies. By experiencing thematic instruction, relevance, active exploration, choice and autonomy, cycle of creation, authentic feedback, and teacher as facilitator, they were able to reflect on the benefits of creating and fostering in their own classrooms a learning environment that has these key elements.
Ms. Mona Sasing (first row, third from right) with the participants of the training program.
The training was sponsored by Intel Technology Philippines, Inc. and the University of the Philippines Visayas Cebu College, in collaboration with UP NISMED, the Foundation for Information Technology Education and Development (FIT-ED), and Cebu Normal University.


crb said…
Here are happy updates from participants:
Dr. Purita Baltazar emailed on June 17 saying that she is adopting GS and SFS in the courses on teaching methods, curriculum planning, and development of instructional materials in their Master of Education Program. She also relayed that Ms. Arlene Aboga has revised her HS computer ed syllabus based on the SFS student curriculum. (Ma'am Puritz is the HS principal.)
Also, Prof. Jerry Salvador of the Department of Computer Science is now teaching htwo sections of IT 101 using the SFS student curriculum. Intel has provided him with 35 copies of the Student Book.

Hope to receive more updates soon.
crb said…
UP High School Cebu led by Dr. Baltazar is also coordinating with DepEd Cebu City for a division-wide GS and/or SFS training in October or November.