2009 Summer Enrichment Program for Physics Majors

UP NISMED conducted a summer enrichment course for 48 Physics majors in the Bachelor of Secondary Education Programs from selected Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs). The three-week course, conducted in two batches on April 13-30, 2009 and May 5-22, 2009, prepared prospective physics teachers for their role as curriculum designers and equipped these future teachers in developing learning activities that promote maximum student understanding using the backward curriculum design model. In the backward design model, the teacher starts with the end, the desired results, and then determines the acceptable levels of evidence of students’ attainment of the desired understanding. These then become the basis for planning the learning experiences and the teaching sequence.

Participants doing experiments in electricity and magnetism.

Participants of the course were students of Philippine Normal University, West Visayas State University, Western Mindanao State University, Bicol University, Camarines Sur Polytechnic College, St. Mary’s University and University of the Philippines in Diliman.