Teachers and Instructional Leaders Trained on Discourse-Informed Lesson Study

The University of the Philippines National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development (UP NISMED) trained a total of 116 participants on discourse-informed lesson study. The participants consisted of teachers and instructional leaders from the Department of Education Schools Division Offices of Ligao City, Legazpi City, Tabaco City, and Sorsogon City. 

The first batch of training on lesson study was conducted for SDO Ligao City from September 21 to 23, 2023. The training, facilitated by Dr. Erlina R. Ronda, Mr. Ralph Ian M. Robles, Mr. Eligio C. Obille Jr., and Ms. Cerilia M. Maramag, aimed to facilitate the application of the mathematics discourse framework (MDF) and the science discourse framework (SDF) in  crafting and analyzing lessons in the context of lesson study. The three-day in-person training program focused on advancing practitioner research through theory-informed lesson study and consisted of lectures, writeshops, and observations of research lesson implementations at a collaborating school in Region V. Participants in this training either had prior lesson study experience or completed training courses conducted by UP NISMED on teaching science or mathematics. Those new to lesson study, on the other hand, were paired with experienced teams or were NISMED-trained

Standing at the back is the training team from UP NISMED together with the officials of SDO Ligao City. (L-R): Mr. Eligio C. Obille Jr. (UP NISMED), Ms. Lili Ann Germogenes (Education Supervisor for Mathematics), Ms. Tita Agir (Chief of Curriculum and Instruction Division), Dr. Erlina R. Ronda (UP NISMED), Dr. Nympha Guemo (Superintendent), Ms. Maylani Galicia (Asst. Superintendent), Ms. Ceril Maramag (UP NISMED), and Mr. Ralph Ian M. Robles (NISMED).

On the other hand, the training for DepEd SDOs Legazpi City, Tabaco City, and Sorsogon City focused on enhancing and researching the quality of mathematics teaching through lesson study. In these three batches of trainings, Dr. Ronda and Mr. Robles introduced lesson study to selected mathematics teachers of the division, who were new to the program. The training was conducted over three days in each Division from September to December 2023.

Dr. Erlina R. Ronda and Mr. Ralph Ian M. Robles of UP NISMED, were joined by Dr. Charles Asagra (in green shirt), the Education Supervisor for Mathematics, alongside teacher-participants from DepEd SDO Legazpi City

(L-R): Dr. Danilo Alano, EPS, Mrs. Efleda Dolz, HT V1, Ms. Mary Jean Brizuela, EPS, Dr. Dioleta Borais, EPS Mathematics, Dr. Erlina R. Ronda, Mr. Ralph Ian M. Robles, Dr. Agnes Bonaoba, PSDS, Mrs. Elena Tasic, Principal IV, TNHS, Ms. Maria FE Obias, Welfare Officer, and Dr. Edgar Collantes, EPS posed for a photo opportunity during the training in DepEd SDO Tabaco City.

Mr. Tony Jintalan, EPS-Math, Ms. Ma. Theresa De Ramon, PSDS-Sorsogon City Cluster, and Dr. Ma. Theresa Duazo, PSDS-Bacon Cluster, joined Mr. Ralph Ian M. Robles and Dr. Erlina R. Ronda during the Closing Program in DepEd SDO Sorsogon City.

During these trainings, Dr. Ronda provided an overview of the goal for teaching and learning mathematics in the new MATATAG curriculum, emphasizing the aim of developing learners who are mathematically proficient and critical problem solvers. She also reviewed the foundational ideas and elements of the MDF. In these three batches of trainings, Mr. Robles conducted a lesson on determining the equation of a circle to Grade 10 learners as the teachers observed in the background. The lesson provided teachers with a context where they practice analyzing the details of the lesson using the framework and in providing feedback, which are parts of the lesson study process.

Mr. Ralph Ian M. Robles implemented a lesson on deriving the equation of circles to Grade 10 learners.

Moreover, workshops were then held to delve into the steps involved in conducting lesson studies, with a particular focus on the ‘study’ and ‘planning’ phases. Subsequently, the lesson study teams presented their action plans, detailing their goals, topic/unit plans, teaching strategies, and an outline of the ‘research lesson’ utilizing the MDF. 

The first implementation of these 'research lessons’ took place on 12 to 16 February 2024, in an actual classroom setting. Following these implementations, teachers were engaged in a post-lesson analysis using the MDF.

Dr. Erlina R. Ronda facilitated the post-lesson analysis for a lesson study team in DepEd SDO Tabaco City.

Currently, the teachers are in the process of conducting their second and subsequent implementations to enhance the delivery of their lessons. The conduct of the courses is supported by the University of the Philippines Diliman Extension Grant (Project No. 232304 UPD-EG) awarded to Dr. Ronda.