UP NISMED Conducts First In-house Knowledge Sharing Session for 2024

The Research and Knowledge Management Group of UP NISMED facilitated its first in-house knowledge sharing session for academic staff on 6 March 2024 at the UP NISMED Conference Room. This session is the first of a series aimed at enhancing learning and development opportunities for the NISMED staff and to promote a culture of research and collaboration within the Institute. The speakers for this first session were Dr. Allan M. Canonigo of the High School Mathematics Group of UP NISMED and Ms. Shereen El-Bedewy, a graduating Ph.D. student from Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria.

Dr. Allan M. Canonigo shares his research findings with UP NISMED staff during the first knowledge sharing session of the Research and Knowledge Management Group.

Dr. Canonigo presented his paper titled “Framing Teacher Positioning in the Mathematics Classroom,” an extension of his dissertation. In his paper, Dr. Canonigo explored the concept of “positioning theory” within the context of education. This theory helps clarify the dynamics within the classroom, examines teacher-student relationships, promotes inclusive practices, and enhances professional development. His research suggested how positioning theory examines how individuals are situated within social interactions. In the educational setting, it explores how the positioning of students and teachers affects their interactions. His research findings showed that although students perceived a moderate level of teacher dominance, they felt relatively free to express their ideas and opinions. However, he noted a significant difference in perceptions between female and male students. He also found that teacher authority could hinder active engagement and participation among students, particularly in subjects like mathematics. His insightful talk came from the findings of his dissertation that won the Most Outstanding Dissertation Award with Dr. Ma. Nympha B. Joaquin as the adviser.

Dr. Shereen El Bedewy discusses helpful guidelines and her best practices on publishing
with NISMED staff through Zoom.

Ms. Bedewy on the other hand, talked about “Broadcasting your Research: The Art of Publishing!” She shared helpful guidelines and best practices from manuscript preparation to publication in academic journals. Her talk focused on how to make one’s research work publishable in journals indexed under SCOPUS and Web of Science. Ms. Bedewy also discussed the significance and purpose of publishing and knowing what to publish. She also gave an overview of each manuscript component and provided practical tips on how to write each component, from the title and abstract to the discussion and references. Additionally, she shared her strategies for selecting journals and developing a publication plan, along with general notes and tips on academic publishing based on her personal experiences.