DRRMC Spearheads UP NISMED’s Disaster Resilience Efforts

A NISMED staff takes cover under a table during the National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill on 08 June 2023.

The Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Committee (DRRMC) of the UP NISMED took the lead in implementing initiatives to enhance the disaster resilience of the staff of the Institute. As a primary activity, the DRRMC conducted a comprehensive building condition assessment to evaluate the safety of the Institute’s structures. The committee members then implemented measures to improve staff preparedness for staff evacuations, including the establishment of safety marshals. Lastly, they facilitated the procurement and installation of essential emergency equipment such as an alarm system to promptly alert and guide staff during emergency situations. Moreover, through the DRRMC, the Institute   participated in national earthquake drills and conducted comprehensive fire hazard assessments for all three UP NISMED buildings-- the Hostel, Vidal Tan Hall, and the Science Teacher Training Center.