Guillermo Joins UP NISMED High School Physics Group

Mr. Julius Ray O. Guillermo, a graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) with a double degree in Applied Physics with Materials Science and Engineering, joined the High School Physics group of UP NISMED. He previously worked with the ADMU’s Research on Optical Science, Engineering, and Systems (ROSES) laboratory. As a part-time research assistant, he drafted project proposals, wrote and proofread journal submissions, and occasionally guided an undergraduate research student.

Julius recognizes the two-fold importance of effective knowledge transfer as a means to impart information and as a means to deepen one’s fundamental understanding. Now, being a part of UP NISMED, he wishes to contribute to the High School Physics Group while improving his communication and mastery of foundational physics concepts. Julius aims to become a well-rounded individual. In his free time, he occasionally plays basketball and watches anime. During this pandemic, he started to give more time to reading and playing chess online. He also recently started to self-learn introductory Japanese. That’s Julius—the newest addition to the High School Physics Group!