Ms. Agad Celebrates 38 Years of Service

Ms. Maria Lourdes S. Agad, fondly called Malu, joined NISMED in 1984 as part of the Equipment and Teaching Aids Development Workgroup, now called the Audiovisual Group. Her nearly four decades of service to NISMED, the University, and the people focused on communicating to teachers and the public the valuable output of the different academic groups of the Institute. With her cheerful demeanor as head of the Audiovisual Group, colleagues found working with her "easy and encouraging, fun and helpful."

Ms. Agad's jovial character was echoed in the title of the radio program, Go Teacher Go!, which she hosted over the years. Her legacy in communicating to the public NISMED's valuable contribution in science and mathematics education is epitomized in the 19 seasons of the radio program aired by DZUP 1602. The program reached out to public and private school teachers as well as the general public through radio and social media and was rightfully recognized as the Best Radio Science and Technology Program during the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas 22nd Golden Dove Awards. She was also involved in the other radio programs of the Institute such as Radyo Eskwela sa Science at Math and Titser’s Iskul on the Air.

On 5 April 2022, Ms. Agad conducted a special retirement lecture by sharing tips on how to produce a successful webinar. According to her, it is important to identify the target audience, consider the duration, and carefully plan the format of the webinar. In addition to this, the role of the director is also crucial to have perfect audiovisual aesthetics. She also shared that the shift from analog to digital was very challenging, but she definitely enjoyed the learning process. In fact, her entire stay in NISMED was anchored on her personal motivation, “I am always learning in every challenge I accept.”

Ms. Malu identified some of the director’s tasks to ensure a smooth flow of the program.

On April 22, 2022, a retirement program was held simultaneously at the NISMED auditorium and over Zoom to recognize and celebrate her 38 years of service. NISMED Director Sheryl Lyn C. Monterola extended her thanks and praise for Ms. Agad’s efforts until her very last working day. The event was attended by immediate family and friends from UP who paid tribute to her and shared their fond memories.

During the program, NISMED officials awarded Ms. Agad a plaque of appreciation for her significant contribution and loyal service to NISMED. She worked admirably towards the goal of NISMED to raise the quality of education in the fields of mathematics and science through radio shows. In a speech, Ms. Malu expressed her joy and gratitude to everyone who became part of her journey in UP NISMED.

The UP NISMED officials awarded Ms. Malu a plaque of appreciation.