3 on 3: Three Online Courses on Their Third Run

For the third time, the High School Mathematics (HSM), Audiovisual (AV), and High School Chemistry (HSC) groups successfully ran their respective online courses. This time, the courses were conducted under the umbrella training program titled Capacity Building of Elementary and Secondary School Science and Mathematics Teachers of the Division of the City of San Fernando Pampanga.

From 11 to 25 November 2021, the HSM course titled Learning the Basics of GeoGebra as a Tool in Teaching Mathematics was conducted with 29 participants who were capacitated to design GeoGebra-Based mathematical tasks. In the total of 24 hours spent in this course, the participants learned how to use GeoGebra to draw, construct, and investigate properties of mathematical objects, examine the effects of parameters of functions on its graphs, and use the GeoGebra website to create dynamic worksheets.

Ms. Valencia, one of the participants, explains her group’s final project on Inscribed Angle Theorem during the HSM online course

A week after, the AV course titled Developing Video Lessons in Science and Mathematics ran for a total of 25 hours from 24 November to 6 December 2021. The course empowered 30 participants to produce video materials for teaching science and mathematics. With the tips and techniques in video production shared by the UP NISMED trainers, the participants were able to produce video lessons just by using their laptops/desktops and cellphones.

Three of the participants of the Online Course on Developing Video Lessons in Science and Mathematics take a break from the group activity on developing video scripts

Last but not the least, the HSC course titled Online Course on Implementing Inquiry-Based Chemistry Instruction in Senior High School was conducted from 1 to 14 December 2021 with 30 participants who were trained on how to design an inquiry-based course on molecular polarity and IMFA via Google Classroom as the Learning Management System (LMS) platform. Within a total of 25 hours, the participants engaged in various hands-on activities on molecular polarity and IMFA which provided a deeper understanding of the connection between the concrete (macroscopic) and the abstract (sub-microscopic) through inquiry.

The Google Classroom (LMS course) created by the HSC online course participants as their final output