UP NISMED Conducts Fire Safety Webinar

The Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Committee hosted a webinar titled “Fire Safety at Home” last 23 February 2022. The webinar aimed to discuss safe electrical connections, proper use of electronic and electrical devices, and practices to prevent fire hazards at home.

SFO 1 John Edward S. Acquiat of the Krus na Ligas Fire Sub-Station, Bureau of Fire Protection, was the resource person in the said event. SFO 1 Acquiat focused mainly on the chemistry and behavior of fire, fire prevention, fire suppression, and home safety tips.

SFO 1 Acquiat provided practical tips on the proper use of fire extinguishers in putting off fires at home and the use of the Stop, Drop, and Roll technique when one’s clothing catches fire. He emphasized the importance of preparing a fire escape plan which plays a critical role in emergency situations. The webinar was conducted in observance of Fire Prevention Month which is held every March.