Gatan Publishes Paper on Environmental Literacy, Locus of Control, and Future Orientation of STEM Students

UP NISMED warmly congratulates Ms. Princes Raymunda G. Gatan of the Elementary School Science Workgroup for the publication of her research paper in the Interdisciplinary Journal of Environmental and Science Education, an open access SCOPUS-indexed journal that publishes original research articles four times a year.

Gatan’s research paper titled “Relationships among Environmental Literacy, Locus of Control, and Future Orientation of STEM Students in the Philippines” is a correlational study conducted on senior high school students. The paper focused on three variables: environmental literacy (EL), locus of control (LOC), and future orientation (FO).

Results in EL showed that students demonstrated a high rate in environmental skills despite posting a low rate in environmental knowledge. In LOC, results revealed the students’ belief that recycling can create the best impact on the environment but the students were least likely to advocate it. In terms of FO, the study showed that students were more inclined to consider the distant outcomes or consequences of their actions than address their immediate and pressing concerns.

The study attributed the correlations generated in EL, FO, and LOC to the academic background, personal benefit, and convenience of STEM students selected in the study. The paper recommends that authentic experiences that facilitate active learning of environmental science topics be provided to students as opportunities to improve their EL. The article is co-authored by Gatan’s advisers from the UP College of Education, Dr. Rosanelia T. Yangco and Dr. Sheryl Lyn C. Monterola, the new director of UP NISMED.