Zooming Out the Classroom: Teaching Science Inquiry through a Virtual Class

Three hundred eleven science teachers attended the webinar titled Zooming Out the Classroom: Teaching Science Inquiry through a Virtual Class last 22 December 2020. Serving as lecturers of the webinar were the members of the High School Biology Group of UP NISMED, namely Dr. Rodolfo S. Treyes, Ms. Ma. Dulcelina O. Sebastian, and Mr. Michael Anthony B. Mantala.

The inquiry continuum, as shared in the webinar, shows the amount of guidance the teacher provides for students during activities.  It also indicates the level of inquiry skills the students need as they progress from performing confirmatory experiments (confirmation inquiry) to designing investigations (open inquiry).

The webinar was conducted in response to the emerging needs of Biology teachers as they continue to teach during the pandemic. In particular, the webinar covered the following topics: a) Implementation of Critical-Analytical-Reflective Thinking for Knowledge Construction; b) Developing Interdisciplinary Self-Learning Modules for a Blended Learning Modality; and c) Critical-Analytical-Reflective Thinking in Understanding Covid-19. The webinar also served as a venue for sharing ideas, experiences, and insights in exploring strategies that can be implemented in remote learning. The participants, hailing from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, expressed their desire to attend similar webinars to help them support student learning during this time.

The High School Biology group will be offering a second webinar in June 2021. The said webinar will feature sample self-learning modules on life science topics. Stay tuned @ https://www.facebook.com/UP-NISMED-234801706570358

The High School Biology Group with some of the participants:
a) Ms. Ma. Dulcelina O. Sebastian, b) Dr. Rodolfo S. Treyes, and c) Mr. Michael Anthony B. Mantala