Teachers and academic supervisors from Leyte learn inquiry-based approach in teaching science through an educational visit

The teachers, with their principal and supervisor from Leyte in an
engaging discussion about the respiratory system.

Ms. Rena Takahashi, a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer, together with six teachers, one principal, and one district supervisor from Leyte made an educational visit at the Elementary School Science Laboratory in UP NISMED last 2 May 2019. The nine participants received firsthand experience on how scientific inquiry is applied on certain science topics under the K to 12 Curriculum. Simulation of the teaching-learning process on respiratory system, electricity, mixtures and heat transfer in gases was conducted using an inquiry-based approach to help participants understand how science should be taught in their classrooms.

Searching for an institution that can help her understand how science is best taught in schools, Ms. Takahashi was informed by her Japanese colleague about UP NISMED. This led her to ask the Japan International Cooperation Agency about the functions and advocacies of the Institute. According to Ms. Takahashi, the teachers enjoyed and learned a lot from the sessions. Moreover, she also intends to recommend UP NISMED to other teachers in her area of assignment. The resource team for this educational visit is composed of the Elementary School Science and Earth Science Workgroups. The Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer program is under the auspices of the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

by R. Tan