2019 Annual Review and Assessment of NISMED Programs

Dr. Aida Yap, UP NISMED Director, updates the staff on NISMED projects and  programs.
(Photo credit: Jerry Maramag)

NISMED conducted its Annual Review and Assessment of Programs last May 30-31, 2019 at Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center, Iba, Zambales. NISMED Director Dr. Aida Yap, together with the deputy directors, Dr. Erlina Ronda and Mr. Eligio Obille Jr., spearheaded the said activity.

Review and Assessment of Programs

To boost the energy of NISMED staff after a 5-hour drive to Zambales, the morning session started with an icebreaker facilitated by the Socials Committee. When everyone was ready to do the main task for the day, Dr. Yap began the workshop by presenting the Institute’s mandate in line with the mandate of the University of the Philippines. She then introduced the draft of the revised NISMED’s vision, mission, and core values, the product of an earlier strategic planning workshop with a resource speaker and selected NISMED staff.

The session continued with the presentation of the current status of the Institute’s programs and projects, and its accomplishments from 2013 to 2017. The NISMED staff, grouped according to their choice, evaluated the projects that they had been involved in. To end the morning session, each group gave a report on their consolidated evaluation and suggestions.

After a refreshing lunch break, the NISMED staff gathered for the afternoon workshop. Mr. Obille presented the consolidated version of the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis submitted by the academic workgroups last December 2018. He also shared the draft of the strategies formulated to achieve the vision and mission of the Institute.

Mr. Obille then asked the different groups, composed of staff from different academic and administrative workgroups, to identify possible program, projects, and activities that could be done to carry out the strategic initiatives. As soon as the groups were done with the task, representatives from each group reported on their suggestions.

The first day was punctuated by fellowship time among the staff. They had a chance to bond and enjoy the sunset at the beach. While they were enjoying a sumptuous dinner, some staff showcased their singing talent through karaoke night.

Strengthening Collaboration Among Staff

On the second day, NISMED staff participated in activities that aimed to strengthen harmonious collaborative atmosphere among staff. The participants were divided into four teams; each team was composed of staff from different academic and administrative groups.

From the boisterous interaction among NISMED staff, it was evident that they enjoyed and gave their all in the three activities namely Loop the Hoop game, Kadang-Kadang race, and Earth Ball game. Team 1 and Team 3 were declared the teams with the most number of wins.

Team 2 versus Team 3 during the Earth Ball game.
(Photo taken by Mr. Jerry Maramag)

After these activities, the NISMED staff had their morning snacks and prepared for accommodation check out. Before heading back to Manila, Dr. Yap and Mr. Obille wrapped up the program during lunch time by acknowledging the working committees and staff for their cooperation and for making the two-day review and assessment of programs successful.

by A. Gonzales