NISMED Trains Mathematics Teachers of the Division of Naga City on Lesson Study

The Division of Naga City invited UP NISMED to conduct a seminar-workshop on Lesson Study and Teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving last 11-12 January 2019 at Regent Hotel, Naga City. One hundred eight (108) teachers, composed of 49 grade 3 teachers and 43 secondary high school teachers, seven supervisors including the Education Program Supervisors and nine principals in both elementary and secondary schools participated in the seminar-workshop.

Ms. Lynn Padillo, Chief of Curriculum Implementation Division of DepEd Naga City gives the welcome message

Teaching mathematics through problem solving (TMtPS) is a particular lesson design that NISMED has been advocating as key strategy to teach mathematics as well as mathematical thinking. One of the ways that teachers can develop the skill for this kind of teaching is by engaging in lesson study. Lesson study is a school-based professional learning activity of a team of teachers that work collaboratively to improve their practice in the context of designing, implementing and improving their lesson and their teaching.

The seminar included lectures on lesson study and TMtPS, a sample lesson implementation of TMtPS by the trainers and a simulation of the lesson study process: formulation of long term goal, implementation of the lesson prepared earlier by the teachers, post lesson analysis, reflection, revision and another full cycle of this process using the revised version of the lesson.

by E. Callanta