In-house Seminar about Cybercrimes

Mr. John Alex M. Reyroso of the Information Science Group conducted an in-house seminar entitled “Cybercrimes: what we all need to know” on 22 November 2018 at the Information Science Laboratory. The seminar was attended by thirty three (33) NISMED academic and administrative staff.

In his presentation, Mr. Reyroso started out by defining cybercrime as any criminal activity done using computers and the Internet. He pointed out that anyone can be a victim of cybercrimes and discussed common types of cybercrimes such as hacking, spamming, phishing, cyberterrorism, spreading of computer virus, identity theft, child exploitation, and cyberbullying.

Mr. Reyroso next highlighted actions of government to combat cybercrimes, particularly the creation of the National Cybersecurity Plan 2022. The plan is the Philippine government’s strategy to safeguard the ICT environment of the country that aims to (1) prepare and secure the government’s computer networks, (2) systematically strengthen critical Information system infrastructure for resiliency, (3) use security measures among businesses and corporations to protect, prevent, and respond to cyber attacks, and (4) raise awareness of cyber risks among individual users of the internet.

He ended his presentation by sharing the following tips on how to protect oneself against cybercrimes: a) do not disclose personal information or post it on social media sites, b) ensure what your post online does not contain any information that may be used against you in committing fraud, c) take precautions when performing online transactions, be sure the site is secure and the company is known to be reputable, d) look out for secure "https" links in the address of the website to ensure the site is secure, and e) use strong passwords for different websites and social media.