High-five to the new academic staff of NISMED!

The NISMED family welcomes 5 new academic staff!

From the area of Mathematics…

Maria Theresa “Esa” Capule-Navarro joined the Elementary School Mathematics group in October 2018, while Abigail “Abi” B. Gonzales joined the High School Mathematics group in November 2018.

Ms. Navarro received her BEED major in Mathematics degree and completed the academic requirements for MAED Curriculum Studies, both from UP Diliman. She wrote a research on Developing Problem-Solving Skills under the Teacher Training Program in Chiba University, Japan. Before joining NISMED, she was a mathematics teacher and school administrator in progressive and international schools. Ms. “Esa” has also authored a mathematics textbook and various training programs for youth and adults.

Ms. Gonzales earned her Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Mathematics degree from UP Diliman. She has started taking courses for MA Mathematics Education also from UP Diliman. Ms. Gonzales was a Junior High School Mathematics teacher and was a lead person in planning the lessons for Grade 7 Mathematics. She also coached students for Math competitions such as MTAP-Metrobank Math Challenge and Philippine Math Olympiads, among others. Ms. “Abi” is excited to learn with her group as she also contributes for the development of the evolving High School Mathematics curriculum.

From the field of Physics…

Ms. Deborah Anne “Debbie” O. Lumantas is a member of the High School Physics group starting November 2018 and Mr. Arsenio Franco “Nico” S. Pineda has just joined the Elementary School Science group in December 2018.

Ms. Lumantas earned her bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics at the National Institute of Physics (NIP) in UP Diliman. She then pursued her master’s degree in Physics while being part of the junior faculty teaching Physics service courses. Ms. “Debbie” is currently a PhD Physics student with her research in the field of semiconductor physics focusing on the study of the properties of semiconductor materials using light as a probe.

Mr. Pineda graduated from the UP College of Education. He has taught at Northfield School for Boys, Xavier School, Ateneo Senior High School, and at Berea High School for the Arts and Sciences. He says his life is mostly inspired by his wife, daughter, Isaac Newton, jazz music, and St. Ignatius. Mr. “Nico” constantly tries to find the physics in all things.

And from the discipline of Chemistry…

Ms. Maria Michelle “Mitch” V. Junio has been with the High School Chemistry group since November 2018.

Ms. Junio obtained her degrees in BSE major in Biology, minor in Chemistry and MAEd major in Chemistry Education from UP Diliman. She was also a recipient of the Korean Government Scholarship Program and earned her MBA from Cheongju University. Ms. Junio began her teaching career as a high school science teacher in 2005 and served as a high school chemistry teacher at Makati Science High School for 11 years. Ms. “Mitch” is a coffee, food, travel, nature, movie, sports, and music enthusiast.

by HP Rosete