Dr. Yap and Dr. Catalan Attend STEM Forum

L to R: Dr. Ma. Nympha Joaquin, Mr. Limuel Razo, Ms. Lilibeth Aristorenas, Dr. Manabu Shumida, Dr. Mia Dubosarsky, Dr. Aida Yap, Dr. Sheryl Lyn Monterola, Dr. Maria Helen Catalan, and Dr. Edwehna Elinore Paderna

Dr. Aida Yap and Dr. Helen Catalan participated in the Forum on the Practices of STEM Education in the Philippines, and on International STEM Education Models held in the Philippine Science High School – Main Campus, Quezon City on 27 November 2018.

The forum brought together representatives from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Department of Education, administrators from representative public and private schools, and representatives from the industry. The morning session consisted of a forum aimed to increase the awareness on the current state, issues, and gaps of STEM education in the country, and build a network of educational state, and business leaders and share the learning. DOST Undersecretary Dr. Rowena Guevarra, the keynote speaker, detailed the programs that DOST is implementing to support researchers, students, communities, and entrepreneurs. Dr. Mia Dubosarsky, Director for Professional Development, STEM Education Center, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, shared STEM Education Models that may be applied to further STEM education in the Philippines.

In the afternoon, participants were divided into breakout groups to discuss and provide input on the topic Harnessing Industry-Education Alliance for STEM Education in the Philippines. The breakout sessions aimed to identify solutions on how to address issues and gaps presented during the forum. The representatives from each sector also explored and agreed on specific areas of collaboration to promote quality STEM education.