Science and Mathematics Stories Now Available

UP NISMED has relaunched three titles of science and mathematics stories in a single title format to make it more accessible to students and teachers. These stories integrate science or mathematics concepts in a Philippine cultural context. Each of the stories has English and Filipino versions. UP NISMED embarked on this project to generate greater interest in science and mathematics among children. The three books are available at the UP NISMED bookstore at P50.00 per title.

This story features the crickets, how they produce their chirps and what that charming chirp is for. It also introduces a practical application of their chirps

The story is about a chick whose curiosity leads him to discover that different animals have different numbers of legs. The story highlights skip counting and repeated addition which are some of the prerequisites skills for learning the concept of multiplication.

The story is about the adventures of Tarsi, the tarsier, who gets lost in a forest while escaping from hunters. There, he discovers his uniqueness as an animal when he encounters the frog, the bat, the owl, and the monkey.