Grade 8 science webinars continue to draw teachers

More than 80 teachers went online to attend the webinar series initiated by the Information Science Group of NISMED. The webinars conducted in the months of July, August and September focused on module orientation, background information and tips to effectively facilitate the learning activities, and sharing of teachers’ experiences and insights derived from classroom implementation of Unit I: Force, Motion, and Energy and Unit II: Earth and Space. The topics and webinar presenters are as follows:

Webinar Presenters
18 July 2013
Unit 1: Force, Motion, and Energy
Module 3: Heat and Temperature
Module 5: Sounds
Module 6: Colors of Light
Ms. Cerilina Maramag – UP NISMED
Dr. Marie Paz Morales – PNU-Manila
23 August 2013
Unit 2: Earth and Space
Module 1: Earthquakes and Faults
Module 2: Understanding Typhoons
Module 3: Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors
Mr. Eligio C. Obille Jr. – UP NISMED
Ms. Pia Campo – UP NISMED
27 September 2013
Unit 1 Implementation Sharing
(1 science-oriented class of 38 students)

(5 large classes of 60-68 students)

Mr. Vic Emerson Danao, Head Teacher III - Quirino General High School in Cabarroguis, Quirino
Ms. Marivic Rosales ,Master Teacher I - San Jose Del Monte National High School in Bulacan

In the September webinar, the two teachers shared their strategies and resources in teaching the modules such as use of online multimedia resources (e.g., animated GIFs, short videos), incorporation of student projects and culminating activities, and use of varied assessment tools. They also talked about how the regular and frequent collaborative activities with other Grade 8 and Physics teachers (e.g., School Learning Activity Cell sessions, try out of learning activities, assessment planning) have helped them to prepare for class. And finally, they shared their key learnings about the K to 12 science curriculum reform. The next webinar is scheduled on 25 October 2013 from 4:00 to 5:30 PM with the topic on Unit 3: Matter of the Grade 8 Science Learning Module. To join, go to Previous webinar recordings maybe viewed at


crb said…
Thanks to the resource persons and to all who participated in the UP NISMED K to 12 science webinars!

Handout versions of all PowerPoint presentations used by the resource persons may be downloaded from KaSaMa Teachers (

You may also view the webinar recordings by following the links below.

Webinar #8: Overview of Grade 8 Science and Unit 1: Force, Motion, and Energy (Part 1)

Webinar #9: Unit 1: Force, Motion, and Energy (Part 2)

Webinar #10: Unit 2: Earth and Space

Webinar #12: Unit 3: Matter

Webinar #13: Unit 4: Living Things and Their Environment

The UP NISMED K to 12 Science Webinars take place every fourth Friday of the month, at 4:00-5:30 PM.
To join, go to: