HSM Group trains PAREF Woodrose and Rosehill Teachers

The High School Mathematics Group conducted a Training-Workshop on Teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving held at the Science Teacher Training Center, UP NISMED, UP Diliman on 28-30 May 2013. The training-workshop was participated in by 10 teachers from PAREF Woodrose, Inc. and 6 teachers from PAREF Rosehill, Inc.

The objective of the training-workshop was to equip the participants with the knowledge and skills to teach mathematics through the problem-solving approach. The NISMED facilitators familiarized the participants with the approach by modeling a lesson where the participants acted as students.

The participants were also given open-ended problems to solve. They came up with different solutions, and identified how these open-ended problems can be used to introduce a lesson.

Moreover, during the workshop, the participants used some open-ended problems to collaboratively develop lessons using the teaching through problem-solving approach. The lessons were then demonstrated and post-lesson discussions were conducted. In the post-lesson discussions, lessons were critiqued by the facilitators and the other participants. The final outputs consisted of the revised lessons applying the problem-solving approach which they will implement in their schools.