Go Teacher Go! on its third season

The Institute continues to use mass media to reach a greater number of teachers in science and mathematics through the radio program, Go Teacher Go!. Aired over DZUP 1602 kHz AM band, which is the University’s official radio station, the program aims to provide information and strategies to help improve the teaching and learning of science and mathematics at the elementary and high school levels.

Scheduled on Thursdays at 4:00 to 5:00 p.m., the discussions cover topics that are aligned with DepED’s Basic Education Learning Competencies. Strategies on how to teach the topics, learning activities for students, and ways to address misconceptions and develop critical thinking skills are also discussed.

Now on its third season, Go Teacher Go! is alternately hosted by Ma. Lourdes S. Agad and Lolita M. Mondigo of the Audiovisual Group. NISMED subject area specialists serve as discussants and co-hosts of the program. The program will run from February to July 2012 (See Program Schedule). Although the program caters to teachers, the listening public can also benefit from the discussions and can be accessed via live streaming at www.dzup.org.

From right: Program hosts Agad and Mondigo
with discussant Michael Anthony B. Mantala

Program Schedule