From the Director's Desk

The last quarter of 2009 was a difficult year for many who suffered in the worst flooding and landslide episodes that happened in many parts of the Philippines, coupled with the continuing effects of the economic downturn. However, it is inspiring to learn of some of the work being done by people, who bring creativity and innovation to the challenges they face. UP NISMED can also be proud of the positive contribution it has made to raise the quality of science and mathematics education in the country. It has helped teachers through its professional development programs, innovative curriculum and instructional materials, and research outputs shared to varied education stakeholders. UP NISMED also conducted relief operations in a flooded area in Metro Manila.
We ourselves are confronted by array of difficulties and challenges, but UP NISMED will never cease to work for a better future for ourselves and for others. We will look ahead with a sense of anticipation and excitement towards the new things we want to do at the Institute, with our family, and the bigger community where we each belong. With the many challenges ahead, 2010 is the new opportunity for us to work together to achieve practical solutions to problems. We need to reflect how many times we have started a new year without realizing the goals we had set before us or even taken the time to evaluate why those goals were not achieved. Now is the chance to set new goals and to make plans as to how we can meet those goals. The UP NISMED connection and commitment especially in science and mathematics education, remain and will transcend political, religious, cultural, and economic circumstances. I wish you all a peaceful and progressive 2010.