UP NISMED Academic Staff Attend In-House Training on StreamYard

The Information Science Group of UP NISMED, led by Mr. Jobeth G. Martecio and Mr. John Alex M. Reyroso, conducted an in-house training on StreamYard on 21 June 2023. The training aimed to familiarize UP NISMED academic staff on how to use StreamYard, a live streaming platform used by the KaSaMa Teachers Community. It also served as a venue to explore ways to integrate StreamYard into various NISMED programs and projects. Fourteen staff from various workgroups attended the in-house training.

The UP NISMED staff listen intently as Mr. Jobeth G. Martecio discusses the features of the StreamYard.

During the two-hour training session, the UP NISMED staff learned about the features of StreamYard and the advantages of using it as a live streaming platform. Mr. Martecio and Mr. Reyroso also demonstrated how to stream on Facebook using StreamYard and showcased the private chat features, comment moderation, banner creation, and branding capabilities of the streaming platform. They also shared several best practices from livestreaming webinars of the KaSaMa Teachers Community.

After the session, the UP NISMED staff were also able to brainstorm ways that StreamYard can be integrated into the current programs of NISMED and in the future projects of their groups. Most of the UP NISMED staff, who attended the in-house training planned to utilize StreamYard in some of the institute's large-scale and hybrid events, such as conferences and public lectures. They further thought that StreamYard’s multi-platform streaming feature can help make these events more accessible.