NISMED Admin Staff Attend In-House Offset Lithography Seminar

Mr. Nestor M. Manrique Jr., Printing Press Supervisor, discusses the principles involved and the basic systems in offset lithography.

Ten members of the Desktop and Printing Section, one from the Hostel, and three janitorial personnel participated in the In-House Seminar on the Basics of Offset Lithography held on 22 July 2022 at the NISMED Conference Room.

The seminar helped the participants gain understanding of the basic processes and systems involved in offset lithography. For participants who had direct job experience, it served as a refresher activity to help them improve their knowledge and skills in the offset printing machine operation.

During the 4-hour session, the participants were encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences in the print production phases and processes. A short quiz was administered before the seminar ended and everyone got a passing score.

The seminar participants pose with Ms. Cerilina M. Maramag, NISMED Deputy Director for Administration.