UP NISMED KaSaMa Responds to Teachers’ Need for Retooling During the Pandemic

To help teachers meet the demand of teaching in this time of pandemic, the KaSaMa Teachers Community of the University of the Philippines National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development (UP NISMED) conducted a webinar series on remote teaching and learning on 1, 3, 8, and 10 September 2020. The series consisted of four webinar sessions. The first three webinars provided teachers with practical ways of managing modular distance learning, discussed guidelines in designing online learning activities that engage learners in active learning, and shared examples of blended learning using the seven flipped classroom models. Dr. Monalisa T. Sasing, the Chair of the Information Science Group of UP NISMED, was the resource person of the webinar series.

The first webinar on Delivering Instruction through Modular Distance Learning had a total of 1,780 live teacher-attendees from the different provinces of the Philippines while the second webinar on Designing Online Learning Activities had 1,277, and the third, on Flipping Classrooms, had 861.

Figure 1. Dr. Sasing discussing what guiding learning in modular distance learning entails.

Figure 2. Dr. Sasing sharing some guidelines in designing online learning activities.

Figure 3. Dr. Sasing presenting an example of a group-based flipped classroom for
Grade 8 Science

The fourth webinar titled Q&A on Remote Teaching and Learning addressed other concerns related to remote teaching and learning and consolidated insights from the first three webinar sessions. Ms. Celia R. Balbin and Ms. Ma. Dulcelina O. Sebastian, who are both Science Education Specialists and members of the KaSaMa core team of UP NISMED joined Dr. Sasing in the panel discussion. The webinar recordings were posted at KaSaMa Teachers Community Facebook page so teachers can view them even after the live session.