Gatan Presents Study in Ateneo SERVE 2020

Ms. Gatan during her online oral research presentation last July 16, 2020

Ms. Princes Raymunda Gatan presented a research paper entitled “What Do Environmental Literacy, Environmental Locus of Control, and Future Orientation of STEM Students Tell Us?” at the Ateneo Science Educators and Researchers in Virtual Engagement (SERVE) 2020 last 16 July 2020. The paper probed into the status, implications, and interrelationships of STEM students’ environmental literacy, environmental locus of control, and future orientation. This is part of her master’s thesis, with Dr. Rosanelia T. Yango and Dr. Sheryl Lyn C. Monterola as her advisers.
It is believed that mitigation of environmental damage could be best managed by those who are environmentally literate, with a high environmental locus of control, and are future-oriented. However, the environmental literacy status of the STEM students who participated in the study was revealed to be relatively low. In relation to their environmental locus of control, most of them were inclined to believe that through recycling, they could best improve or mitigate the worsening condition of the environment. Favorably, with regards to their future orientation, most of the students were willing to sacrifice their present convenience in order to achieve a greater result in the future. 

The baseline data from this study may be used to compel curriculum material developers and writers to exert more effort in improving STEM students’ environmental literacy, especially in the new normal setting.