Gutierez article published in Issues in Educational Research

Congratulations to Dr. Sally B. Gutierez of NISMED’s Elementary School Science Group on the publication of her paper, “Learning from teaching: Teacher sense-making on their research and school-based professional development,” in Issues in Educational Research, a Scopus-listed journal.

The focus of this qualitative study was to articulate the sense making and practitioner research inquiry of teachers on their scaffolded collaborative lesson planning as one of the components of their on-going professional development (PD). Data were obtained from the formal and informal reflections of the teacher study groups who collaboratively worked on an inquiry-based lesson for elementary school classes.

The study’s findings revealed that teachers regarded their PD as a simultaneous social and cognitive process of adult learning, a venue for shared ownership which yielded commitment towards enacted practices, and an experiential learning environment with the provision for suitable prompts for reflective practice. It further created their sense of professional identity as they established a shared leadership and feeling of effectiveness and improved sense of teacher identity.