Dr. Danipog at ESERA 2019 Conference

Dr. Danipog outside the ESERA 2019
conference hall in Bologna, Italy
Dr. Dennis Danipog presented a paper titled Implementation of Inquiry-Based Science Curriculum in Challenging Teaching and Learning Environments: Philippine Context at the European Science Education Research Association (ESERA) Conference held in Bologna, Italy on 26 - 30 August 2019. The theme of the conference was “The beauty and pleasure of understanding: Engaging with contemporary challenges through science education.” His paper is part of his doctoral research at the University of Melbourne in Australia. In this paper presentation, he discussed how an inquiry-based science curriculum, which is advocated by most developed countries, is translated in the classrooms of developing countries, particularly the Philippines, where school contexts and resources are quite challenging. The ESERA 2019 conference was attended by more than 800 science education researchers from around the world.

In addition, Dr. Danipog attended one of the ESERA pre-conference workshops prior to presenting a paper. The challenges involved in reviewing papers and proposals for high impact journals and conferences were tackled in the workshop. Moreover, the criteria and tools for conducting good reviews and writing good papers and proposals were discussed by the facilitators. The participants examined selected papers submitted for journal publication using the review guidelines of high impact science education journals. Current challenges to the peer-review system were also discussed in the workshop.