ESM Conducts Training in Occidental Mindoro

The Elementary School Mathematics (ESM) group in cooperation with Jollibee Foods Corporation Employees’ Multi-purpose Cooperative (JFC Coop) conducted a 3-day training program titled “Training Program on Upgrading Elementary School Mathematics Teachers’ Competence in Teaching Geometry and Algebra.” The training was held on 24-26 October 2018 at Sikatuna Beach Hotel and Restaurant in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro and was attended by 38 participants who are teachers and administrators from different schools in the Division of San Jose. This is the second time that ESM worked with JFC Coop in a professional development program for teachers.

The objectives of the training were for the participants to: (1) gain a better understanding of concepts related to geometry and algebra; (2) develop and teach lessons in geometry and algebra using the teaching mathematics through problem-solving approach; and (3) improve their ability to critique lessons and activities in geometry and algebra.

The training program included a lesson implementation that modeled the teaching mathematics through problem-solving approach. There were also sessions on assessment and selected topics in Geometry and Patterns and Algebra. Included as well is a workshop, where the participants were grouped together to collaboratively develop a lesson in either Geometry or Patterns and Algebra based on the K to 12 Curriculum using the teaching mathematics through problem-solving approach. The lessons developed were implemented on the last day of the training program and post-lesson reflections and discussions (PRD) were conducted after each implementation. In the PRD, comments and suggestions on how to further improve the lessons were provided by the participants and the ESM facilitators.

by Dana M. Ong