FAYHS Lesson Study Group Completes First Cycle of Lesson Study on Mitosis

The lesson study group at Flora A. Ylagan High School (FAYHS), consisting of the school’s entire Science Department and the High School Biology Group of UP NISMED, completed the first cycle of lesson study in biology in March 2016. The research lesson was on mitosis.

During the planning stage, the group came up with an inquiry-based activity in which the students created flipbooks to simulate the events that take place in each of the different stages of mitosis. It also allotted ample time for the teachers to devise a comprehensive rubric for evaluating the flipbooks. Even at this stage – and also considering that this is their first experience of conducting lesson study – the members of the lesson study group have already expressed satisfaction at the level of rigor they have exerted in carrying out every step of the process.

Three teachers implemented the research lesson: one in the middle section, another in the lowest section; and still another in the top section. During the post-lesson reflection and discussion, all nine teachers and their department head shared their insights about the lesson and its implementation as well as their observations and thoughts about how the activity was performed by the students. Each implementation provided a different learning experience for the group. The second cycle will start in January 2017.