Staff professional development

Ms. Gutierrez together with other foreign delegates discussing how to design
 a professional development program for new teachers that focuses on
inquiry-based science education.

Ms. Jacqueline Rose M. Gutierrez of the High School Chemistry Workgroup attended the 6th La main à la pâte (Lamap) International Seminar from 1 to 6 June 2015 held at the Centre International d’Etudes Pèdagogiques (CIEP) in Sèvres, France. The seminar focused on professional development programs promoting inquiry-based science education. It included sessions on the inquiry-based and interdisciplinary approaches in teaching science, relationship between language and science teaching, and strategies for in-service teacher’s development program and support; a visit to the Institute of France Académie des sciences (French Academy of Sciences) and La Maison des Sciences (Lamap’s pilot centers for teachers); a talk on brain science by Professor Olivier Houde, a member of the Académie des sciences and professor of psychology; and classroom observations in the école maternelle (kindergarten), école élémentaire (primary school) and collège (middle school) levels. It also provided several opportunities for casual interaction such as the official dinner formally welcoming the participants; a cultural night showcasing the delegates’ local delicacies and artistic heritage; and a gourmet dinner aboard a glass-covered boat affording the participants a captivating view of Paris from the River Seine.

Ms. Gutierrez with Professor Yves Quéré, one of the founders
 of the La main à la pâte Foundation, taken during the seminar’s official dinner.