NISMED conducts National Training of Trainers for Grade 10 Science Trainers

Capping four years of science training in the new K to 12 curriculum, 429 science trainers participated in the National Training of Trainers (NTOT) for Grade 10 teachers held at the National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development (NISMED) on 12-17 April 2015 (for the first batch) and 27 April to 2 May 2015 (for the second batch). The first batch was composed of 208 science trainers from the nine regions of the Visayas and Mindanao; the second batch was composed of 221 science trainers from the eight regions of Luzon. 

A group of teachers collaboratively doing their assigned task in one of the workshop sessions. 

The five-day training focused on building the capacity of the trainers to enable them to train Grade 10 science teachers in their respective regions. The NTOT also gave the participants the opportunity to become familiar and conversant with the rationale, philosophy, content and performance standards, and learning competencies of the science curriculum. Moreover, the training emphasized the spiraling of science concepts as well as the development of science inquiry skills in the science curriculum.

The NTOT consisted of plenary sessions, break-out sessions, and simulation sessions. Plenary sessions were conducted to equip the participants with facilitation skills for the mass training of Grade 10 science teachers. The break-out sessions provided the participants with a walk-through for each of the four science areas which involved an explanation of spiral progression—a key feature of the K to 12 science curriculum. After the walk-through, the participants engaged in inquiry-based activities for each of the four science areas. The simulation session was a collaborative activity during which participants had the opportunity to present one of the activities they performed during the break-out sessions and to critique their selected activity and its simulation.

The participants commented very favorably on the training program. Most of the participants gave a positive feedback on the walk-through sessions of the four science areas. In fact, the most suggested improvement for future training programs is the allotment of more time for the walk-through sessions of the different science areas.