A tribute to former NISMED colleagues

The Institute celebrated and paid tribute to the services of four of its retired staff at the NISMED inner garden. Graced by their family and friends, and other guests, a simple program was held in honor of the dedicated and long service of the staff. During the celebration, Dr. Soledad A. Ulep gave each of the retirees a plaque of recognition as a symbol of NISMED’s gratitude to them.

The first in the list was Ms. Narcisa P. Gandeza who served the Institute for 42 years. She held an Administrative Officer IV position and was a member of the General Services Section. She officially retired on 18 March 2015. She is often called Ate Nancy by the rest of the staff. Her retirement celebration was held on 17 March 2015.

Ms. Alejandra P. Abaya’s retirement effectivity followed on 01 May 2015. She served NISMED for 39 years. Also a member of the General Services Section, she held an Administrative Assistant I. Most NISMED staff call her “Mommy Linda” although she has no children of her own.

On the last day of the May, Ms. Erlinda A. Ostalle joined the list of retirees. Just like Ms. Gandeza and Ms. Abaya, Ms. Ostalle was also a member of the General Services Section where she served as Administrative Aide IV.

Joining the list is Mr. Felix G. Pio from the Printing Section who logged 41 years in service as of the date of his retirement on 30 May 2015. He held the position of Administrative Aide V. He is popularly known as “Boy” to the NISMED staff.

The celebration for the last three employees was held on 19 May 2015 with a Flores de Mayo theme.