Updated Periodic Table of Elements

NISMED recently released an updated version of the Periodic Table of Elements. It is available for downloading from the AgiMat website (curriculum. nismed.upd.edu.ph) for educational and non-profit use. A poster-size version is also available and may be purchased at the NISMED Bookstore at the STTC Building, UP Diliman, Q.C. 

This updated version already includes the two newly named elements, flerovium (114) and livermorium (116). Moreover, it follows the current group numbering system which uses numbers 1 - 18 to designate the columns (groups) from left to right of the Periodic Table and adopts the reported atomic masses (except for elements with multiple atomic masses) by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). The IUPAC is the internationally recognized body which prescribes standards and systems in chemistry. It was formed in 1919 by chemists from the industry and academe. Dr. John D. Petersen, IUPAC Executive Director, granted permission for the reproduction of the approved Periodic Table for use as a reference.