Mathematics interactive courseware training and pilot testing

The Elementary School Mathematics (ESM) Group together with the High School Mathematics (HSM) Group conducted a four-day training program on the use of interactive courseware in mathematics on 27-30 January 2014, at the DepEd Regional Education Learning Center (RELC), Marikina City. 
Grade 2 pupils answering the activities in the courseware during pilot testing.
Fifty teachers (30 Grades 2-4 and 20 Grades 5-6) from 20 schools from the various regions of the country attended the training. These teachers were divided into two groups, one group explored lessons for Grades 2 to 4, while the other group explored lessons for Grades 5 to 6. The group consisting of Grades 2 to 4 teachers participated in a workshop where they planned a lesson incorporating the use of the courseware, and implemented the lesson on the last day of the program. 

The courseware’s pilot testing was conducted from 5 February 2014 until 19 March 2014, with observers from UP NISMED, DOST-SEI, and DOST-ASTI. In some regions, some DepED personnel also joined the observations. 

The use of digitized materials in teaching and learning mathematics, particularly at the elementary school level, has been found effective. Pupils who used the technology package markedly showed interest and enthusiasm towards the lessons compared to those who did not use the technology.